Watchdogging NC Policy Watch

Misinformation on K12 Inc. and online public charter schools is circulating across NC and much of it appears to come from a left-wing political group, NC Policy Watch.   They are hardly a neutral observer, however.  The group’s legal arm is trying to block the opening of an approved online public charter school, North Carolina Virtual Academy.

Much of their argument seems to stem from a one-sided article in the New York Times that was published last year.  A number of responses to that

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NSBA virtual schools report and the questions of “true costs”

A few observations on the recent National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) report on virtual schools.

    1. Overall, it’s nothing new; a rehash of reports from years past.  Much of this information has been presented, discussed and debated in state capitols across the country.  The report does, however, draw mostly negative conclusions about online schools, which is not a surprise given the policy views of NSBA and aggressive lobbying by its state chapters against charter schools,

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